Janet’s Words of Wisdom

Thirty years have taught me…

  1. It’s just business. Remember that.
  2. Never let them see you sweat. EVER!
  3. Take the job no one else wants and excel at it.
  4. There are five categories of experience that provide the best development over time: challenging jobs, other people (bosses), hardships, coursework, and off-the-job experiences (mainly not-for-profit). Track yourself in each category.
  5. Keep a "memory box of stuff" from events, experiences, recognitions. When you have those crappy days, pull it out and remind yourself of your rock star status.
  6. Give back and influence younger generations.
  7. Laugh…often. It beats antacids!

About the Author

Janet is a motivational leader with a reputation for building talent and culture, and driving business success. She thrives as an integrated marketing specialist and general manager, with a proven track record for taking on only the most compelling and challenging growth opportunities.