Amy’s Words of Wisdom

“Don’t come in on Monday.”
“You don’t need me on Monday?”
“Actually, we are reneging your job offer. Don’t come in at all.”

It was risky to seek a venture capital-funded job immediately after earning my Kellogg MBA. And when the funding dried up 48 hours before my start date, I was left with no job. But I was also left with a fabulous network that jumped into action when I reached out and asked for help.

The VC-funded job was my dream job, but losing it didn’t feel like failure because my definition of success through business school was not about landing my dream job. My success was and is defined by my ability to improve lives on a daily basis. I have been able to do that on large and small scales, through the financial, nonprofit and higher education sectors, and as a mom to two amazing daughters who are already making the world a better place.

Be thoughtful in how you define success for yourself and those around you. Be proud to behave in line with those definitions both personally and professionally, no matter the outcome.

About the Author

Amy is the perfect combination of truly brilliant and genuinely nice. She is a natural collaborator and consensus builder. She has led successes in everything from community development and nonprofits to financial services and higher education.