Jill’s Words of Wisdom

Trust your gut. When I launched a music management company, one client asked if I could book them to play a show with The Black Crowes. I didn’t want to let my client down. So I set up a show. I knew it was a bad idea, even after music industry experts, attorneys and colleagues cheered me on. Suffice to say, my client bailed. I, in turn, had to bail on The Black Crowes, and with that came a surprise $5,000 cancellation fee. Had I followed my instincts, I’d never have made the deal. This was the first of many ITG (“Ignore The Gut”) moments that lessened over time. I’m a decade in, and every day I have to remind myself: Trust your gut.

About the Author

Jill is a serial entrepreneur and one of the first to celebrate the limitless ingenuity of moms as business people. Moms invent stuff, moms figure things out, moms find better ways to do things, and moms create companies!