Penny’s Words of Wisdom

We’ve heard advice from strong women leaders to "lean in" and not to disqualify ourselves. I learned the hard way that I had not internalized that good advice. When a key role at our firm needed to be filled by a qualified leader, I actively DISQUALIFIED myself—since I had not held some of the responsibilities that this leadership role was responsible for, I told my colleagues I was not the best choice. Ironically, it was my wonderful and supportive kick-ass husband who pointed out what I had done, and challenged me to recognize that my experience, competencies and point of view were all on point for what the role required. Thankfully, my leaders and colleagues were open to allowing me to retract my earlier assessment, and hear me out as to why I would be the right leader at the right time for the responsibility. One of the best lessons I ever learned!

About the Author

Penny is passionate about connecting with customers. She spends considerable time talking with financial advisors at Edward Jones to truly understand the needs of their customers from the perspective of the front line. She leads by example, putting the goals of the company and the needs of the customer ahead of her own personal interests.