Jamie’s Words of Wisdom

With twenty years of successful entrepreneurship under my belt, I found that when I was faced with the challenge of building a fourth business in a brand-new marketplace with a brand-new set of rules, I suddenly didn’t believe in my abilities. Why? Because people I thought were smarter than me told me I didn’t have what it took to be successful in this new endeavor. It took about a year before I realized I didn’t have to be the smartest person in the room, just the boldest. True leadership emerges with bold thoughts, kind actions and not accepting someone else’s limiting thoughts about who you are and what you were born to achieve.

About the Author

Jamie’s passion for advancing both animal welfare and professionalism in the pet care industry led this risk-taking entrepreneur to found four start-ups and contribute to thought leadership on multiple levels. Proof that consistent feedback, positive reinforcement and a keen ability to read a situation are talents applied equally to training a pet and building a business.