Linda’s Words of Wisdom

Several years ago, I was asked to present a new marketing platform to our executive team. It was my first time presenting to this team. I was not prepped by my boss and did not have the foresight to ask him questions. What is the format? How does the team interact? What level of detail? As a result, I was not well prepared. I didn’t have speaker notes and I missed many key points—strategic vision, customer insights, metrics. And, I was not prepared to answer their questions. Not my best performance. But I did learn a very valuable lesson: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

About the Author

Linda is a business luminary, mentor and coach for women in her own organization. She is a primary supporter of USG’s Women Rock diversity group for future female leaders. Linda was featured as a "Marketer You Should Know" on the Advertising Age’s website in 2014.