Jennie’s Words of Wisdom

When you were a child, it was the girl brave enough to jump from the top of the slide who got attention and respect. Remember her? Now that you’re in business, two words of advice: be her. Otherwise, your work will never stand out. In business, risk equals reward. Sure, you may fail to get your team to gamble on something truly new. But look at the odds: the best thing that can happen is you will make a lasting mark. The worst outcome can only happen if you fail to take a risk at all.

About the Author

Award-winning advertising strategist, creative director and copywriter. Now a novelist with her fourth book, Age of Desire, an international best seller, Jennie exemplifies confidence and tenacity. Afraid of nothing, Jennie would not only jump from the top of the slide, she’d track down the playground boss and lobby for a taller ladder.