Rachel’s Words of Wisdom

Many years ago, I represented several professional engineering firms who were being picketed during a union organizing drive. The picketing prompted real estate developers to fire them and replace them with a few smaller firms that had voluntarily signed a union contract. One of those projects included the Soldier Field renovation project.

Several firms taking the work were not properly licensed. So we filed an emergency injunction to have them banned from these projects, including Soldier Field. We issued a press release on the impact that using unlicensed firms might have on public safety. Prior to the court hearing, the press began publicizing only that our motion might prevent Soldier Field from opening in time for Monday Night Football. The next day, the judge denied my motion on a technicality, and the Illinois Department of Professional Responsibility issued these firms a license that normally takes three weeks to obtain.

I learned the hard way that not everyone sees issues the way that you do—in my case, the only thing people in Chicago noticed was Monday Night Football!

About the Author

As a top attorney, Rachel tackles extraordinary legal challenges every day, including defending some of the largest companies in America. She brings the same deeply held commitment to her charitable work, impacting Chicago’s most vulnerable children and families.