Kathy’s Words of Wisdom

My first job was as a commodity broker in Chicago. I also wrote an industry newsletter distributed to Reuters, AP, UPI and 100 percent of my customers. One "eats what you kill" (pure commission) and one takes personal responsibility for every recommendation.

Unfortunately, my painful lesson was giving a very large and alarmingly wrong piece of trading advice to ALL of my audiences!

Lesson 1: Own your mistake (mea culpa is very human and forgivable) and fail fast, before any more damage is done.

Lesson 2: Actively communicating when humiliated is the most difficult.

Lesson 3: Recover quickly. Get your act back together ASAP so you can start making excellent decisions again.

About the Author

Now CMO of a Fortune 500 company, Kathy’s early experience as a commodity broker has proved invaluable. She has learned that you have to own your mistakes, actively communicate and move on! Kathy shares her knowledge by regularly speaking at conferences around the world.