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April 9, 2019
3 Ways to Get More, Better Media Coverage at Trade Shows
Zhana Veleska

Here’s a scenario you might have experienced: Your company exhibits at a top industry trade show and your team is satisfied with the relationships you built and the leads you collected at the booth. But you were puzzled after the show when you saw competitors’ products show up in post-show news coverage and started to wonder why their experts are continually quoted in articles and not yours.

Chances are you didn’t incorporate public relations outreach into your trade show marketing mix.

Many B2B marketing professionals overlook the role of public relations in an integrated trade show marketing strategy. Major industry events are an ideal venue for attracting earned media coverage and offer a perfect opportunity for face-to-face introductions with key members of the trade press.

Here are 3 tips for obtaining more and better coverage around your next event:


Trade shows are the perfect venue to reveal new products and/or offer thought leadership from industry experts. Don’t fall into the trap of producing a stereotypical news release. Break through the clutter by crafting attention-grabbing story angles that underscore your audience’s needs, and how your new product answers those concerns. The more enticing your message is, the more coverage it is likely to receive.

Bonus Tip: Experiment with sending out a release one to two weeks before your event. This will give journalists time to add a visit to your booth to their agenda and might include your new product in pre-show coverage.


An opportunity to speak first-hand with a company’s corporate executive or subject matter expert will attract media attention. Setting up media briefings allows for one-on-one time to discuss everything from product news to corporate investments. This is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your company’s thought leadership while getting your key messages across — and it gives reporters and editors the chance to get quality insights and quotes for their coverage.

Bonus Tip: Keep in mind that journalists are very busy during trade shows, so be sure to contact them and secure interviews several weeks ahead of the show, before their schedules fill up.


Journalists talk with so many people during trade shows that it can be hard for them to remember everything once the show is over. For this reason, it’s critical to follow up with them within a few days after the event. This is your opportunity to offer additional information and see how your company’s insights and offerings can fit into upcoming coverage.

Bonus Tip: Be sure to look through publication’s editorial calendars and find appropriate topics to pitch.


For several of our clients, obtaining media coverage is one of their top goals at trade shows, which makes PR an essential element of trade show planning and implementation. If you’re looking for a comprehensive trade show PR strategy that includes pitching press contacts, developing newsworthy press releases, and scheduling media interviews for executives, we’re here to help.

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