A Brand New RJ O'Brien
CBD Marketing client RJ OBrien

What they asked for

A brand and website refresh.

What they got

An award-winning branded destination that customers are invested in.

The Background

The oldest and largest independent futures brokerage firm in the U.S., R.J. O’Brien is also one of the last ‘boutique’ firms in the industry. What’s kept them on top for so long? Standing for integrity. Being stewards of the trade. And instinctively knowing when it’s time to evolve, adapt or change.
They knew, in an industry where staying current and being dependable are key, that their corporate identity had to follow suit.

“I need to trust who I trade with.”

Our slogan: Market What’s Meaningful

The Answer

R.J. O’Brien got it all—brand refresh, strategic positioning, logo, tagline and website—for their corporate and retail divisions. And it was all crafted with the vision of the organization front and center: a stable, smart firm that has earned its great reputation. Not only did this bold new look draw in like-minded clients and prospects, it also won a Platinum Hermes Creative Award.

The integrated marketing approach included:


Results for RJ OBrien

More visitors & views

Steady increase of new visitors to the revamped website—as well as clients who are happily adapting to the change.

Results for RJ OBrien

Some shiny design awards

2013 Hermes Platinum Winner: Corporate Website Redesign.