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What they asked for

An improved student acquisition direct marketing program and more prospective students.

What they got

A cost-effective, scalable production and management model and a 9% revenue increase.

The Background: A Declining Market

Even as a premier business school, attracting Executive Education participants from all over the globe, Kellogg Graduate School of Management faces huge market pressures. Executives from the world’s leading corporations have an increasing number of options for meeting their career development needs, and competitors in this sector are all seeing a marked decline in attendance. Kellogg recognized they needed a partner that could raise the bar on their student acquisition direct marketing program to more efficiently attract prospects.

The Answer: Marketing Transformation

CBD began by working to transform their direct mail production model to leverage data-driven processes. Messaging also got a major overhaul as we incorporated scannable content that could quickly communicate the value of individual programs to our busy executive audiences, and differentiate the premier experience offered by Kellogg’s campus, attendees and faculty.


“I need a premier Executive Education program that is tailored to my busy life.”


Northwestern Kellogg School of Management


9 Percent Revenue Increases icon

9% Revenue Increase

With a smart, intentional testing plan in place, they can continue to refine this important program which recently contributed to a 9% revenue increase.

Reduction in Production Costs icon

Reduction in Production Costs

CBD was able to reduce production and management costs significantly. Kellogg now enjoys a cost-effective, scalable model that also readily enables multi-variate testing.