What they asked for

A new consumer brand and more qualified leads!

What they got

2,500 actionable leads and a brand that homeowners seek out.

The Background

Imagine you’re the world leader in fiber cement siding. Now, imagine that consumers don’t know your name or what you offer.

The Answer

The largest siding manufacturer in the world now has it all. Especially if you define “all” as: A beautiful consumer brand. An intelligent marketing database. And a lead generation and customer-nurturing engine that has helped James Hardie realize more leads in the program’s first 3 months than they normally see in a year. Pretty powerful results.

Through holistic strategic planning, seven disciplines came together to make a serious impact on the business through:

  • Their first-ever consumer-facing brand
  • Lead generation fueled by experiential data capture
  • An unparalleled, thoroughly engaging shopper marketing experience
  • An automated lead-nurturing engine
  • A customized app, integrated with Salesforce, that continually drives and distributes leads


“I want to be proud of my home.”



The integrated marketing approach included:



More traction

Within the first 3 months, the program generated more requests for quotes than James Hardie typically saw in a year.


More jobs sold

So far, our experiential and shopper marketing efforts, in combination with feet-on-the-street, have accounted for 70% of jobs sold.


In less time

Average time from lead to sale has gone from 24 months to 26 days.