A Powerful Toolbox for a Powerhouse Brand
CBD Marketing client Firestone Building Products

What they asked for

To be seen as a total building solution.

What they got

Comprehensive rebrand. Sophisticated digital tools. Revamped website. And more.

The Background

Firestone Building Products was known as a provider of roofing solutions. But they had a much bigger story to tell, and needed to tell it cohesively.

“I need a total solution and a real partner.”

Our slogan: Market What’s Meaningful

The Answer

CBD delivered a marketing strategy that went above and beyond the roof. Our branding work helped move the organization from being strictly product-focused to adopting a customer-centric, benefit-oriented positioning. That is, by integrating all of their building envelope products and highlighting their unique services, we were able to create value propositions around their complete offering.

With our solid brand repositioning in place, campaign development called for print, along with banner ads and a reformatted website that is now the destination for all things Firestone Building Products.

They seamlessly reached their audiences through several disciplines, including:

  • Sleek, sophisticated and digitally-savvy creative that immediately increased site traffic
  • Greater thought leadership, both online and in person, through PR and social media efforts that worked in tandem
  • Integrated media planning that reinforced the new brand both online and in print

The integrated marketing approach included:


Results for Firestone Building Products

Greater social media presence

Increased social media growth by over 100% across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Results for Firestone Building Products

A strong foundation as a true partner

New positioning took Firestone Building Products from manufacturer to strategic partner.

Results for Firestone Building Products

More registrations and repeat returns

  • The Technical Information section received an increase in traffic of almost 10,000 page views.
  • Over half the visits were return visitors that spent an average of 5 minutes on the site.
  • The site generated 281 new registrations in the first month.

Results for Firestone Building Products

And some industry kudos for us

2013 Hermes Gold Winner: Firestone Building Products Website.