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Partner with the Food and Food Ingredients Experts

“You are what you eat” has taken up permanent residence in the public consciousness. People not only love to eat, they love to talk about it. Face-to-face and online. The consumer is in the driver’s seat, looking for healthy, clean foods and supplements…and armed with more knowledge than ever before.

With decades of experience in the food/beverage/ingredient sector, CBD helps our clients get in front of emerging consumer trends in order to create multi-channel campaigns that elevate their brand and drive awareness and sales.

We’ve driven huge success for these food and food ingredient companies…

The logo for Blue Diamond Global Ingredients Division, a food ingredients company that specializes in almond-based products.
The logo for Voltea, a water technology company within the food and food ingredient industry.
The logo for Penford Food Ingredients.
The logo for Columbus Vegetable Oils, a food ingredients company.
The logo for Stepan Lipid Nutrition, a leading global producer of patented, science-based nutritional oils used in the food, nutrition and pharmaceutical industries.
The logo for IOI Group, a a leading global integrated palm oil player in the food industry.
The logo for Ralcorp Holdings, a manufacturer of various food products, including breakfast cereal, cookies, crackers, chocolate, snack foods, mayonnaise, pasta and peanut butter.
The logo for MGP Ingredients, a food ingredient company.
The logo for SensoryEffects, a food and beverage ingredients manufacturer for the health and nutrition, beverages, desserts and bakery markets and more. The tagline reads: "Every sense in every piece."
The logo for the International Food Network, LLC, a food and beverage company.
The logo for Matsutani Chemical Industry Co., Ltd, a food ingredients manufacturer.
The logo for Sensient Technologies, a global manufacturer and marketer of colors, flavors and fragrances within the food industry.
The logo for Grecian Delight, a food products company.
The logo for PURAC, the world's largest and most experienced producer of natural lactic acid, lactates and gluconates. PURAC is part of CSM, a Dutch multinational and producer of a wide range of bakery supplies and food ingredients.

…by leveraging our expertise and delivering game-changing initiatives, including:

  • Online listening programs to help ingredient and CPG companies with product development, messaging and competitive strategies
  • Comprehensive public relations/media relations campaigns promoting subject matter experts through content and thought leadership
  • B2B persona driven campaigns for ingredient buyers, brand managers, formulators and chemists
  • B2C promotional campaigns to increase sales and open new markets
  • North American introduction of a powerful Asian ingredients brand
  • B2B website development designed to enable easy product selection based on product applications

How can we help YOU succeed?

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