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Developing a push/pull strategy to accelerate lead generation.

What they asked for

A consumer direct mail campaign to generate leads.

What they got

A comprehensive, integrated demand generation campaign that supported a new go-to-market strategy.
James Hardie's horizontal brand logo. James Hardie is the world leader in fiber cement siding and backerboard.

Background: Total reliance on the channel to sell a premium product lacking consumer awareness

For years, James Hardie relied exclusively on the contractor channel to sell its premium fiber cement siding. But contractors often sold cheaper products in order to more easily close a sale. James Hardie recognized they needed a plan to generate leads that were pre-sold on its product offering. They believed a national direct mail program was the ideal solution to filling their pipeline.

The Answer: Go-to-market transformation

CBD developed a push/pull strategy to drive awareness and generate leads that introduced several firsts for James Hardie – including the creation of the firm’s first-ever consumer facing brand, which we rolled out with an integrated campaign.
The James Hardie Inspiration Guide, which CBD developed for James Hardie as part of their first consumer-facing brand.
The James Hardie Transformation Kit, which CBD created for James Hardie, as part of their first consumer-facing brand.
The corresponding consumer campaign was supported with multiple unique initiatives :
  • A door-to-door direct sales initiative called The Ambassador Program
  • The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval
  • A mobile showroom that enabled experiential marketing
  • A national Public Relations effort
  • Consumer promotions, sweepstakes and offer testing
The James Hardie Mobile Showroom, developed by CBD Marketing as part of James Hardie's first consumer-facing brand.
Prospects explore the Mobile Showroom, developed by CBD Marketing as part of James Hardie's first consumer-facing brand.
The James Hardie Mobile Showroom shown up close with open doors. This initiative was developed by CBD Marketing.
Additionally, a custom app was created to not only capture consumer information, but also collect street-level data on prospective homes. From the style and materials used to build the home to the condition of all elements of the home’s exterior, James Hardie now had unprecedented, industry-leading information that they could leverage to pinpoint targeting, personalize lead nurturing, and map opportunities for cross- and up-selling.
Screenshots of the lead generation app, which CBD developed for James Hardie to help increase sales of fiber cement siding.
Most importantly, the app forever changed the balance of power for James Hardie. They went from relying on the contractor to controlling high-quality lead deployment by demanding their channel partners exclusively sell James Hardie siding.


More requests for quotes in 3 months then in the entire previous year

And that was just the start for the two test markets chosen for the program’s launch. Additionally, James Hardie realized:

2,500 actionable leads

A shortened sales cycle that went from 24 months to 26 days

70% sales lift, crediting the experiential and shopper marketing efforts

A program rollout to 16 top-tier markets