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Changing the name of the building products game.

What they asked for

Firestone Building Products (FSBP) desired clear differentiation from its competitors in order to increase sales and steal share.

What they got

Brand and marketing strategy evolution that allowed them to elevate the conversation in the category. They went from asking customers, “what products do you need?” to “how would you like your building to perform?” And that changed everything.
The Firestone Building Products logo. Firestone manufactures roofing systems and products for several types of buildings.

Background: A commoditized market

Even though FSBP was a pioneer in the commercial roofing industry, their competition had achieved parity. However, as various divisions within FSBP merged, it became imperative to realign the entire organization. To move away from being strictly product-focused and emerge as a service-driven provider of total building solutions.

The Answer: Clear space that redefined the category

Through research, segmentation analysis and persona development, a customer-centric, benefit-oriented positioning came into focus. By integrating all of their building envelope products and highlighting their unique services, FSBP found they could outpace their competition by delivering…

Total Building Performance Solutions.

With this leadership positioning in place, campaign development encompassed print, banner ads, videos and digital sales tools.

Additionally, we continued to reach audiences in new, more relevant ways through:

  • Persona-driven international websites
  • Greater thought leadership that integrated public relations and social media efforts
  • Larger, more sophisticated trade show activity anchored by a dominant two-story booth and interactive, multimedia displays
Firestone Building Products representatives in their trade show booth. Trade show lead generation is one of CBD's specialties.
The Firestone Building Products interactive trade show booth used throughout many industry trade shows.
Firestone Building Products representatives connect with prospects. Trade show lead generation is one of CBD's specialties.
The Firestone Building Products booth used for large B2B trade shows involving product launches, announcements and more.
Firestone Building Products' booth activation, featuring large LCD monitors with product information and visuals.
Firestone Building Products' booth activation, featuring interactive touchscreens with product information.


FSBP’s best sales year

CBD was able to increase response and engagement significantly, including:

10,000 page views on FSBP's international site within the first month

281 new, highly qualified leads

100% growth across all social media platforms

The highest advertising recall rate in the industry