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A powerful digital department. An award-winning creative team. Public relations specialists beyond buzz-worthy. And media and brand intelligence that are at the forefront of what’s next. With CBD Marketing you can have all of that and more. We’re here to ensure you achieve results.

Primary Practice Areas



We incorporate analytics across all tactics in order to gather and monitor data, providing a comprehensive view of your audience behaviors, campaign performance and more. Using these insights, we constantly optimize your marketing efforts to ensure your success.



Brand and Business Strategy

Having a clear understanding of the unique value that you provide to the marketplace is the key to business growth. We discover, differentiate and communicate how you can be more meaningful to current and prospective customers, helping you obtain better marketing and sales results overall.



Brand Identity

When developing or evolving your brand identity, we get to know your business and take in everything that sets you apart from the competition. Then, we translate those key points of difference into a vision that’s meaningful to your audiences, resulting in an unforgettable brand.



Channel Marketing

Before you can increase sales for your business, you need to enhance relationships with your channel partners and make it easier for them to close the deal. That’s why we provide you with marketing services across the entire channel — from manufacturers to end users — or what we call B2B2C.



Content Marketing

When it comes to communicating your expertise, increasing visibility and telling your business story — intelligent, valuable content is a must. Our strategic approach is centered around providing you with diverse, measurable content that inspires your target audiences to engage, react and share.



Creative Services

At the heart of our creative process is a steadfast focus on what’s most meaningful about your brand ­– and how we can help you emotionally resonate with your audiences. By fully immersing ourselves in your business, we deliver exceptional creative that yields disruption, engagement and results.



Digital and Mobile

With the changing media landscape shifting the way brands interact with their customers, staying on top of digital trends can give you an upper hand over your competitors. As a digital-first agency, we help you adopt the latest marketing technology in order to fuel your success – now and in the future.



Direct and Database

Communicating with your customers and prospects in a valuable way is critical to the success of your company. Whether you need to build broader awareness or connect with your audiences on a one-to-one level, we create impactful, hyper-relevant campaigns that capture their attention and fuel your business growth.



Employment Branding

To attract and retain the top talent in today’s competitive job market, you need to be seen as the employer of choice. We optimally position your company to resonate with the people you want to hire and keep, in order to put you ahead of the competition – and get the right people through your door.



Media Planning and Buying

Our integrated media solutions are designed to stand out among the crowd, reach your audiences and differentiate your brand in the marketplace. Using a variety of channels, we strategically align media tactics with your business objectives and incorporate KPIs to keep track of your success.



Public Relations

Whether you need to enhance your media relationships, become part of a bigger conversation or increase your brand awareness, we shine the spotlight on your company. Our public relations team specializes in generating buzz – and everything we do is connected, measured and optimized to help you achieve your strategic business goals.




To gain a solid understanding of the needs and purchase drivers of your target audiences, we conduct primary and secondary research into the most critical factors in the decision-making process. Then, we take everything that we’ve gathered to inform, develop and optimize your marketing strategy.



Social Media

An integrated social media strategy is essential for appealing to your key audiences, driving brand engagement and, ultimately, increasing your bottom line. We help make the most out of your social platforms by providing you with content management, one-on-one training and more.


Certifications and Recognitions

A list of certifications and awards that CBD Marketing has earned over the years.
A list of certifications and awards earned by CBD Marketing over the years.

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