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Market What’s Meaningful™
…for Results that Matter.

CBD Marketing helps B2B and B2C clients solve complex marketing challenges that can, at first glance, seem impossible to achieve.

We dig in with you. Out in the field. Through hands-on research. Poring over data and analytics. We hone personas. Move mountains to deeply understand your audience. What motivates them. What keeps them up at night.

Then we tap into our behavioral marketing expertise, deep analytics and ridiculously creative-minded team to reveal the places, prompts and game-changing ideas that inspire your customers to act.

In fact, it is our scientific intelligence combined with profound creative know-how that gets us to that thrilling “a-ha” moment. Every time.

Now, all of that is really great, but more than 30 years in marketing have taught us that it’s not only about an informed, strategically sound big idea. It’s also about ensuring that every aspect of execution is flawless from start to finish. Turning heads and achieving business goals. Yes. That’s the combination successful brands rely on.

We’re exceptionally dedicated to bringing your success to life in a way no one else can. That’s what keeps us up at night — in a good way. And it makes all the difference for marketers who partner with us.

We strategize and solve. Test and triumph. Opine and optimize.

We’re ready to do it all for you.


  • Lori Colman Founder, Co-CEO
  • Lori Colman Founder, Co-CEO Hard work is at the core of everything Lori does. Starting out as a sales rep for Colgate-Palmolive and working her way up to the executive level with firms such as Cramer-Krasselt and DraftFCB, Lori struck out on her own, co-founding CBD Marketing in 1988. She’s constantly pursuing her passions — whether behind a desk or under the sea as an avid scuba diver — and that makes her a thoughtful, fearless leader who guides both brands and people to success.

  • Liz Brohan Co-CEO, President
  • Liz Brohan Co-CEO, President Liz’s career success was built on her ability to inspire people to take action. In fact, the agency’s methodology, Brand + Demand™, reflects this perfectly, fusing brand development and awareness with driving action. This strategic approach has helped Liz mastermind everything from product launches, lead generation, customer acquisition, retention programs and more, for some of the world’s leading B2B and B2C brands. It’s all part of her unique marketing prowess that’s punctuated by big campaigns — and even bigger results.

  • Jean Ban EVP, Account Services, PR and Social Media
  • Jean Ban EVP, Account Services, PR and Social Media Jean leads a growing team of skilled PR and social media professionals who get (and keep) the right kind of attention focused on the agency’s clients. This is a specialized skill, honed over years of meticulous public relations and communication experience. Whether it’s events, press, social media, street teams, speaking, WOM, custom content…or something else completely, Jean can bring it to life with the same understanding and thoughtfulness she brings to her tireless volunteer work — guiding her clients seamlessly into the spotlight.

  • Doug Davila SVP, Agency Strategy and Development
  • Doug Davila SVP, Agency Strategy and Development Doug understands business. And he realizes that the most important part of business is the ability to solve a problem. The strategy. The insight. The people behind the products. Doug considers everything, thoughtfully. In fact, he never really stops thinking. His mind is always analyzing, understanding, learning and creating insights that his clients can use to further their businesses. All of this makes him more than just good at what he does. It makes what he can do for you, great.

  • Celina Guimaraes Account Director
  • Celina Guimaraes Account Director Where in the world is Celina Guimaraes? We’re lucky to have her right here at CBD. Celina brings 15 years of international, senior-level account management to our team – from Arnold Worldwide in Virginia and SAP in Washington, D.C., to Ogilvy-OgilvyOne in South Africa and Lowe in Indonesia. She has managed client work and relationships for major brands like Audi, in addition to tech, food and food ingredients, telecom, financial services, education, and public sector clients. She knows her way around an integrated account, expertly connecting with customers through CRM, digital, brand, social, events, PR and creative.

  • Don Harder Associate Creative Director
  • Don Harder Associate Creative Director Don’s passion for producing great work is palpable in everything he does at CBD. From concept to execution, he places extreme importance on research in understanding how to motivate action and truly move audiences. Then, he applies razor-sharp attention to detail, deep strategic thinking and exceptional talent to deliver creative that’s brand-right — and impossible to ignore.

  • Christine Kubisztal Director, Integrated Media and Analytics
  • Christine Kubisztal Director, Integrated Media and Analytics Christine is an inventive communications professional with a passion for both the art and the science of strategic media planning. Her innovative media solutions for clients live at the intersection of channel creativity and target insights. A media visionary, Christine is always pursuing unique media platforms that deliver her clients’ goals and differentiate their businesses. As technology continues to transform the way that businesses engage with their customers, Christine’s focused approach to integrated communications across the customer journey has resulted in award-winning media plans for big retail brands, healthcare and higher education.

  • Barb McDonald VP, Group Account Director
  • Barb McDonald VP, Group Account Director Barb is an account services powerhouse with several Fortune 500 companies on her client roster — Citibank, Samsung and Kellogg’s to name a few. She brings over 20 years of experience overseeing a wide range of B2B and B2C client work for global agencies such as Foote, Cone & Belding, Havas and Gyro. A passionate team leader, Barb has managed a variety of client initiatives, including retail marketing, general advertising, partnerships, digital, PR and events.

  • Bob Musinski Account Director, PR, Social Media and Content Marketing
  • Bob Musinski Account Director, PR, Social Media and Content Marketing To Bob, everyone — and everything — is a story. As a public relations professional and the leader of CBD’s content practice, he and his team uncover the storylines, then develop creative and compelling ways to tell them. From white papers and news articles to blog posts and tweets, Bob combines the curiosity of a journalist with the strategy of a data-driven content manager. It’s all in an effort to give our clients results — in earned, owned or social media — that are worth writing home about.

  • Mary Olivieri EVP, Executive Creative Director
  • Mary Olivieri EVP, Executive Creative Director Mary is the rare creative director who seems to have an endless supply of positive energy. And her thriving creative department crackles with excitement because of it. She is guided by her keen perception and killer strategic approach to work, all of which is fueled by her background in theater. Clients love her — and people love to work with her — because the work she inspires is award-winning. For those of you who want to know the ego stuff…she has delivered amazing results for some of the biggest brands out there, including P&G and Coca-Cola. But, don’t you have better things to do with your time? Go on now. Before she puts you to work.

  • Mark Shevitz EVP, Director of Client Strategy and Planning
  • Mark Shevitz EVP, Director of Client Strategy and Planning “Yeah, but what’s the insight?” Mark’s the kind of guy who gets right to the heart of the matter. Which is why he’s so great at what he does: finding what differentiates our clients from their competition and propelling them forward by articulating that new vision. It figures that he’s a runner and a rower in his spare time, as Mark is always moving forward, relentlessly pursuing a place at the forefront.

  • Justin Twymon Director of Digital Strategy and Development
  • Justin Twymon Director of Digital Strategy and Development A consummate nerd and unparalleled strategist, Justin has deep expertise in coding and front-end development. He is passionate about using data and analytics to inform rock-solid digital strategies, having conceptualized and constructed digital architecture for some of the world’s most renowned companies. Executing a client’s unique vision is Justin’s mission — and his dedicated approach to solving complex problems helps him get it done, every time.